The probable universe is an interactive audio-visual installation generating an infinite combination of projected worlds in a physical environment using an industrial robotic arm. In order to present the concept we have scripted 4 films using generative visual and audio components. For more information please visit:

The experience is best with headphones. Subtitles are available.

Project by convivial project (Ann-Kristin Abel & Paul Ferragut)
Photography : Robert Klebenow
Model : Jana Sachse from No Toys
Make-up Artist : Anna Borho from Nicola Weidemann
Sound design : Omri Azaria
Kuka robot expert and help : Massimiliano Fago and Davide Rosa
3D modelling and support : Anne-May Abel, Schmuckagentur
Project Assistants : Isabel Webb and Eli Block
Making of soundtrack : Chrome Sparks The Meaning Of Love
Robot, location and support : Dipl.-Ing. Siegfried Müller Druckgießerei

The Technology is using a bespoke c++ application made using openFrameworks and multiple add-ons from the community (such as ofxTimeline, ofxGui, ofxOsc), some shaders are remixed from shadertoy, PCL. The robotic arm we used is a Kuka KR16 with windows 95 KRC2 controller, it was generously lent to us by Dipl.-Ing. Siegfried Müller Druckgießerei , the communication with the robot and the old controller has been possible through openShowvar.