Das Juwel der Berge

We have teamed up with Starlight Events and came up with a highly technical show that looks back on nothing less than the history of our planet. It’s as poetic as it is political.

Switzerland is tiny. Just about 16’000 square miles small. The Alps occupy the larger part of territory of the „Confoederatio Helvetica“, founded in 1291. Eight million people live in a direct democracy. The federal council meets in the federal building in Berne, the capitol of the country.

Africa? Well, not quite. The Matterhorn, referred to as the jewel of the mountains and, thanks to its 14’692 foot in height and its unique shape, one of the most famous mountains in Europe, is a relict of times far beyond human existence. A time when the Alps formed because of the enormous powers pushing the northern and the southern continent towards each other. The southern continent, referred to as Africa by geologists, was lifted in the process. One of its remains is the Matterhorn.

 In 2015, the Swiss federal building is used as a huge projection screen to bring us back to times in European history, when our now inhabited planet was one great ball of fire. The 180 feet of the walls turns into a giant canvas upon which the evolution of the earth as we know it today is cast in a fast yet poetic way. The show reminds the audience that things have not always been the way they are now. It’s not just colors and shapes, it’s a real story. A long one, and probably the most important story of mankind: If you convert the four billion years of the existence of the earth into one day, humans would have been here for a little less than four seconds.

With this story, Projektil wants to encourage people to think: How much longer will we be here? What changes do we need to make, what steps do we have to take in order to really write a chapter in the history book of this planet? „The jewel of the mountains“ is art, but it’s way more than that. It’s a reminder of where we come from, fittingly projected onto the walls of the very building within which the decisions on where we are going are made on a daily base. The show leaves you in awe – and full of respect for the ancient history of the planet we call home. 

So much for theory. In wintertime, when it’s already pitch dark by 6pm, the walls of the federal building turn into an art site. For half an hour every night, residents, tourists and passers-by witness a free spectacle that seems to make time stop. This year’s „The jewel of the mountains“ takes them way past those 700-odd years of Swiss history and back to a time when one of the Swiss landmarks actually belonged to Africa.


  • Roman Beranek – Creative Director
  • Jonas Staub – Managing Director
  • Christian Indermaur – Chief of Animation
  • Moritz Flachsmann – Animation / Sounddesign
  • Patrischa Freuler – Animation / 2D & Compositing
  • Mhill Krasniqi – Animation / Character Design
  • Mathias Lingenhel – Animation / 3D & 2D
  • Starlight Events - Brigitte Roux - Veranstalter
  • Christian Merki – Musik & Sounddesign
  • TAAC Geomatics GmbH
  • Frederic Morard, Stéphane Coppex
  • Architectual 3D Scan & 3D Modeling Bundeshaus