Lumibike Guerilla Projection

The salmons are back in town!

To celebrate the World Fish Migration Day we took out from the Projektil workshop our brand new pedal powered 3D mapping mobile unit.

We cruised across town with our Lumibike to raise global attention for endangered migratory fish, like salmon, sturgeon, giant catfish, dourado and eel. Migratory fish are particularly threatened by barriers such as weirs, dams and sluices, built for water management, hydropower and land drainage. These fish need free migration routes in order to survive. Water managers, fishery organizations and NGO’s are restoring fish migration routes in rivers and between rivers and seas. Dams removed, sluices are managed fish friendly and fishway are built to help fish on their journey.

Part of the content was created by users in real time and the other part by our panda friend.


  • Client: WWF Switzerland
  • Event: World Fish Migration Day
  • Location: Basel / Switzerland
  • Date: Mai 20 / 2016


  • Animation: Christian Indermaur, Mhill Krasniqi
  • Hardware Production: Patrick Schwab
  • Video Credits: Nordhang Film
  • Production: Roman Beranek