Underwater Installation

Happy Fishes!

On the occasion of the TATA Consulting Services event at WEF 2017, produced and curated by Live Lab, we created an underwater visual installation that would resonate with some of the company objectives for this year.

First of all, TCS wanted to show the impact of technology and its relationship with people. And meanwhile also to explain their commitment with the environment they contributed with coral reef protection.

With this inspiration, Projektil created an immersive experience based on real time animation. All animals were moving freely and interacting with each other in four different underwater environments. And we made it massive, applying 360º projection mapping to a 28 meters diameter dome.

Next time we need to bring Steve Zissou and his crew!


  • Art Direction: Christian Indermaur
  • 2D/3D Design: Christian Indermaur, Immanuel Wagner, Flavian Schwitter
  • Real-time Animation: Patrick Fürst
  • Coding: Patrick Fürst
  • Production: Ignacio Fernandez, Jonas Staub