A unique light spectacle at Lenzerheide

A unique light spectacle where we transformed the Eichhörnchliwald in Lenzerheide into a world of magic, colour and music.

Light installations:

The Jelly Fish Valley
from Martin Comini and Nina Haas
Dozens of jellyfish of various colours and sizes lead you through an amazing underwater world. The wind gives the jellyfish a sense of movement and liveliness, creating a sense of weightlessness.

from Projektil
Interactive audiovisual installation – The cunning fire god Loki wants to take over Lenzerheide. The Eichhörndliwald and its inhabitants have no chance against this overwhelming power. They need help from the human world. But it is not easy to find Loki, or to hit him with a snowball. Save Lenzerheide and ignite the volcano, so that Loki will swelter in his own hellfire!

from Gian Tumasch Appenzeller and Chasper Linard Schmidlin
Coloured ribbons are stretched between the trees in the Zauberwald, to form a floating sculpture. The shape, the exact colour scheme and the presentation with light are caused by spontaneous inspirations on-site. The artists will then listen eagerly to what the visitors see – that is part of art.

Arctic Hares
from Kai Jauslin and Simon Broggi
Interactive installation. Arctic hares run from one hiding place to another, if there are too many people present or if someone moves too quickly.

Star Ride
from Theres Indermaur and Mark Sturzenegger
Well spread-out rope swings in a wooded area invite you to swing on them. As a mixture of original sgraffito patterns from the region, branded in warm fir wood and a combination of LED light sources and perspex, they build a bridge between tradition and innovation. Once set in motion by visitors, bright tails of light make the snow sparkle with light reflexes.

from Shireen – Caroline von Schulthess
The fine threads suspended above the stream move gently in the wind and mark out a fine trail of light in the dark The threads are fibre optic cables, which subtly light a distance of approx. 2 m. On the banks of the stream, there are thicker threads, which create an interaction between light, reflection and water. Are they snowflakes, falling stars or traces of angels?

from Effi Tanner and Marc Widmer
The installation brings Kodamas, mythological creatures from ancient Japanese legends, to life. Inspired by the traditional Japanese art of origami, 30 abstract forest spirits have been created by folding paper, and brought to life with mechatronics. The little creatures react and communicate with infrared sensors and radio technology from discarded toys.

Wild Guys
from Projektil
Big-screen projections – When the sun sets, solitude, peace and a dense silence fall over the Zauberwald. The trees stand in quiet, silent expectation, as if they dare not breathe. Our hearts are pounding! We are crying out for more exciting, wild adventures. Will the Zauberwald grant our wish?

The Mystery of the Trees
from Saskia Widmer and Andi Gantenbein
According to a Celtic creation myth, human beings are descended from the trees. Unravel the mystery of the trees in the Celtic tree horoscope – an installation of 21 bodies of light in the Zauberwald. Immerse yourself in the mysterious glowing trees and search for your very own tree of strength. Find out what powers it has given you as a gift on the way.

The Cave of Samsara
from Fabienne Meyer, Andrea Bianchin, Tony Kranz, Urban Würsch
A short distance away, a strange white structure stands between the fir trees of the Zauberwald. Constructed and facetted using cool surfaces, it looks like it is not from this world. As soon as you enter, you find yourself under a spell of light, illusions and mirrors- as if you have just entered a glittering, crystal cave.
Material contribution: Permapack AG
Soundscape: Patric Kaufmann, Atelier Anorg

Spatial Lines
from Martin Hesselmeier
How are spaces created, and how are they perceived? Space is defined by its boundaries. You can determine the mood of spaces and the perception of spatial contexts. In the Zauberwald, new spaces are created by light strings that move when the viewing angle of the visitor changes.

Palace of Light
from Projektil
Large screen projection on the Kurhaus throughout the Zauberwald.
A journey through light and shadow, which leads through imaginative worlds.

What we did

  • Curation
  • Creative
  • Design
  • Production