Art Direction:
Christian Indermaur
2D/3D Design:
Christian Indermaur
Immanuel Wagner
Real-time Animation:
Reto Spoerri
Patrick Fürst
Ignacio Fernandez
Jonas Staub

A sustainable world

As in previous years, TATA Consultancy Services‘ space at the World Economic Forum in Davos was uniquely designed by Live Lab who asked us to create a visual installation in a massive 25 meters diameter dome.

With #DigitalEmpowers, TCS wanted to show the important role and impact technology has in improving our world.

Based on this aim, we developed various immersive 360° realtime projections of landscapes such as for example a sustainable futuristic city and the African Savanna, which was home to many virtual wild animals.

Visitors enjoyed being virtually taken to many different places and discovering the detailed projections.


#DigitalEmpowers by Projektil
#DigitalEmpowers by Projektil
#DigitalEmpowers by Projektil
#DigitalEmpowers by Projektil