Aurorium presents: Enlightenment

An immersive light show that takes you on an breathtaking journey through the four seasons with a fascinating audiovisual representation. Do not miss this unique light show at the Offenen St. Jakob in Zurich!

Discover the four seasons on a wondrous and musical journey. The immersive show  takes the viewer on a spectacular roller coaster of emotions, accompanied by the iconic sounds of Vivaldi. The performance is a tribute to the cycle of life and culminates in a gripping and surprising finale. Enlightenment is an audiovisual metamorphosis of spring, summer, autumn, and winter and makes you forget the cold days in no time. Do not miss this magical experience at the Offenen St. Jakob – a visual enlightenment awaits you in a fascinating and historic location. Buy your tickets now for Aurorium presents: Enlightenment – an immersive light show.