Art Direction:
Christian Indermaur
Animation & Design:
Immanuel Wagner
Moritz Flachsmann
Patrick Portmann
Creative Direction:
Roman Beranek
Technical Direction:
Jonas Staub
Head of Production:
Ignacio Fernándes
Executive Producer:
Philippe Trawnika
Dembah Fofanah
Technics & Planning:
Emmanuel Ambühl
Raphael Jansen

Light, sound and dimension

After having presented GENESIS in Lucerne in January 2019, we developed further the show and implemented the required technical adaptions in order for it to be ready for its visitors in Zurich at the Church of St. Jakob. We are extremely happy to have found such an amazing location just a few blocks from our Zurich office, where all of the contents of the show were created.

With the Citykirche we have found a great partner for this event which is taking place on 22 evenings between February 1st and March 16th, 2019.

On regular nights, our show is played up to 6 times and takes its visitors each time on an inspiring 30-minute journey about the history of creation. The show consists of four parts – light, water, soil and plants – that represent the first three days of the story of creation “Genesis”.

On selected evenings, our immersive light installation is enhanced by live concerts and performances from More than Classic, the organist Sacha Rüegg and the percussionist Sebastian Hofmann, the electronic music label Naturklang, and the visual artist François Chalet.

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