Light Ragaz 2018


Executive Producer:
Philippe Trawnika
Creative Director:
Roman Beranek
Art Director:
Christian Indermaur
Animation & Design:
Christian Indermaur
Immanuel Wagner
Ruth Cortinas
Music & Sound Design:
Moritz Flachsman
Patrick Fürst
Ignacio Fernandez
Technical Director:
Jonas Staub
Dembah Fofanah
Technical Planning:
Emanuel Ambühl
Raphael Jansen

Mystic, colourful, unique

After last year’s great success, we decided to open the doors of Light Ragaz 2018, a collaboration with Bad Ragaz Tourism and the Cantonal Office for Economics and Labour St.Gallen, already at the beginning of June and thus extended its running time from 2.5 to 4 months.

During your tour in the spectacular Tamina gorge near Bad Ragaz you visitors got introduced to the mystic story of the naturally heated water which has a temperature of precisely 36.5 degrees Celcius and the magical elemental spirits. Visitors were amazed by the colourful visuals on the world’s largest natural projection screen on the rocks that loom above the gorge at a hight of up to 80 meters. And finally, they were able to discover and experience this unique location like never before.

This emotional journey took place three times an evening during weekdays, and four times on weekends. The postbus took visitors on a leisurely trip from Bad Ragaz up to the Tamina gorge and directly to the magical gates of Light Ragaz.

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