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The OVER THE MOON ERLEBNISWELT-RAUM is an indoor playground that makes use of design and technology to create an immersive and playful experience featuring Fei Fei’s Journey to the moon. The playground consists of multiple interactive and immersive installations and are designed for the kids not only to have fun but also to teach about the fascinating world of space and the chinese culture.

Using the latest projection technology, the ERLEBNISWELT-RAUM lets children and adults immerse themselves in the world of OVER THE MOON. From fantastic images, exciting games and physical activities, visitors of all ages can also dive into Chinese culture, space and a completely crazy “Lunarian” landscap.


The ERLEBNISWELT-RAUM  took place from 23.10. – 08.11.2020 in Munich, Germany.

About the movie:

To prove to her father that the legendary Moon Goddess Chang’e  really exists, the determined young girl Fei Fei builds a rocket ship and sets off to a magical adventure. On the dark side of the moon she discovers a luminous kingdom full of strange and fantastical creatures and begins a dangerous quest that will ultimately help her find her way home. From animation icon Glen Keane and beloved writer Audrey Wells, OVER THE MOON is an exhilarating musical celebration of friendship, family and the power of imagination.