Zauberwald 2017 by Projektil


Children love animals. There is an intrinsic interest in learning about wildlife coming from the natural curiosity that characterizes their age.

When designing Pixel Zoo, our objective was to build a new kind of indoor playground. By using technology in a subtle way, we are creating an immersive environment surrounded by a wild natural scenery. This little adventure, which takes place in the middle of the city, helps the child to exercise and learn about exotic animals while playing and being physically active.


The looks, the sounds and the overall feeling of this playground aims to emulate the tropical forest for a very special play time.

We also communicate facts about the species pictured in the space so you can share these surprising insights with your little adventurers. By doing this we also aim to strengthen the understanding of diversity and how amazing different animals are, no matter if big or small.

We focused on species that are not found in European natural environments in the hope that they can be experienced by your family in the wild. For our current edition we are picturing animals who live in the jungle in different regions around the world.

Finally, our objective is also to raise awareness about threatened species and let children understand the need for natural preservation. Consequently we picked animals from the IUCN Red List of threatened species as the main characters in Pixel Zoo.