Zauberwald 2017 by Projektil

Schneider Electric


Iván Val: Edit, composition and art 2D/3D lead
Itziar Arriaga: 2D artist and graphic design
Mario Jiménez: 3D artist and modeling
Javier Burgos: 2D and 3D artist
Nino Falconetti: Animation artist
Iván Domínguez: 2D and animation artist
Sergio Gómez: Sound composition and sound design
Pedro Pulgar: Technical setup & technical production
Ignacio Fernández: Production

Innovation Summit Paris

With occasion of the Innovation Summit that took place in Paris, Projektil created a visual installation to explain how Schneider Electric’s intelligent technologies can impact different industries.

In a record time, Projektil designed and built a 3D mapping show. The visuals were projected on a tailor made city model and the room surrounding the model to create an immersive experience.

A new way to surprise visitors, engage with branded content and better understand facts about products and services thanks to attractive and dynamic infographics.